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We reprocess approximately 6.8 million tons of recovered paper per annum across 15 countries. Our integrated structure and closed-loop approach ensures your paper and cardboard is recycled responsibly, efficiently and reliably.

Our Recycling

A global paper and board recycler with a range of recycling and collection services

We purchase and recover paper and board, from both public and private sector organizations, and develop recycling solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Working with public and private sector organizations, we develop recovery solutions to meet your recycling requirements. We purchase and recover cardboard, paper, plastics and provide security shredding services.

Guaranteed Market For Your Waste

Recovered fibers from recycled paper and board are a major raw material for our paper mills and packaging plants. Our integrated structure ensures that we continue to provide a stable outlet for material, even when markets deteriorate.

Collection Services

No matter how your recycling is presented to us and in what amount, we have a range of collection equipment and vehicles to ensure it is collected efficiently. Our collection equipment ranges includes: wheeled containers, pallet boxes, open or self-pressing containers, stationery and baling presses. Our fleet of vehicles ensure we have the flexibility to meet your collection needs.

Purchasing Of Waste Waper And Board

Recovered paper is a global commodity and therefore we purchase materials at competitive rates. We purchase a wide range of paper and board which are detailed our Recovered Paper products section.

Closed Loop Recycling

All paper and board can be collected, re-cleaned, reprocessed and remade back into paper and board in around 14 days, demonstrating a truly closed loop approach.

As an integrated producer we are in a unique position to be a part of our products entire life cycle.

All paper-based packaging is 100% recyclable with no need for a single box to go to landfill. All corrugated, solid board and folding carton packaging can be collected, re-cleaned, reprocessed and remade back into another box in around 14 days, demonstrating a truly closed loop approach.

Stages Of The Life Cycle

Paper Making: Our paper mills produce paper from virgin fibers and recycled fibers. These fibers are sourced through our own recovery and forestry operations and purchased from third parties.

Packaging Conversion: our packaging plants manufacture corrugated and solid board predominantly from our own papers. This is converted into packaging and delivered to customers to transport, protect and promote products across their supply chain.

Recycling: the recycling process begins when used packaging is collected (mostly from retailers), sorted and then delivered to one of our mills for reprocessing and making into paper.

This is how we ‘close the loop’.

At every stage of the life cycle we have the experience, expertise and passion to deliver sustainable products in a sustainable manner.

Quality Standards

Recovered paper is a global commodity. For this reason, it is important that a common quality is defined and understood.

We pride ourselves on the low environmental impact of our business. This can only be achieved by optimizing each element of the life cycle. To achieve this, it is vital that the raw material supply to our paper mills is of a very high quality. Good quality material helps us to operate our machines efficiently and minimize energy and landfill costs.

Delivered loads are checked against quality standards for moisture and non-paper components such as:

  • Metals
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Wood
  • Stones
  • Medical waste
  • Sand and building materials
  • Synthetic materials

Recovered paper and board should be supplied with moisture of no more than the naturally occurring level (maximum of 10%).

Reliable And Responsible Recycling

As an integrated paper-based packaging manufacturer, we provide both suppliers and customers with a reliable, sustainable and guaranteed market for recovered paper and cardboard.


Our integrated structure and closed loop approach provides both suppliers and customers with a reliable, sustainable and guaranteed market for recovered paper and cardboard.

With a network of strategically placed recycling operations, our transport fleet can collect loose or baled paper from any location, ready to deliver to one of our paper mills for processing.

Once collected, all paper and cardboard is re-cleaned, reprocessed and remade back into paper and cardboard – demonstrating a truly closed loop approach.


Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and is founded on our responsibility for people, products and the environment.

Health and Safety, quality and the protection of the environment are considered of fundamental importance. We are committed to:

  • Minimizing Health and Safety risks
  • Delivering high quality products and services
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations

The recruitment, development, motivation and retention of employees are key to achieving these goals.