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Our Experience Centers are a place to inspire and to be inspired on all the values packaging can bring. Use our interactive touchscreens to explore and analyze trends, view case studies and browse information on everything from supply chain logistics to store displays.

Try seeing things from a different perspective by browsing our exhibitions of packaging to see if our exhibits can spark the inspiration for new ideas that can help build your business. We can help you discover how subtle changes like packaging design, material composition or palletization could deliver significant business impacts. See how we develop and implement innovations through:

  • Open Minds: Developing the right solution to complex problems requires an open mind to identify and deliver the best solution.
  • Open Inspiration: See what sparks fly when you open yourself up to new ideas that excite and give your business that creative edge.
  • Open Opportunities: We recognize that when we work together to open up opportunities, we make anything possible.
  • Open New Horizons: We approach every challenge and opportunity from multiple perspectives and apply our expertise to create original and inventive solutions.
  • Open The Future: By always being open to exploring new opportunities and embracing new technologies, we will realize the potential of the future.
Experience Center - Smurfit Kappa North America Packaging Solutions

Our experts stress test packaging in all different transport simulations at our lab where they rigorously test paper, board and pack performance throughout the supply chain.

Our store visualizer allows you to view your packaging prototypes in a fully simulated store environment, so you can assess their on-shelf impact before you commit.

We provide state-of-the-art facilities in paper and packaging for testing and evaluation, while our strong innovation network allows ideas to be shared, working together with:

  • 13 Countries
  • 10 EC Designers
  • 41 Design Departments
  • 160 Local designers
  • 3 Languages

Contact us to visit one of our 3 Experience Centers in North Americas and see how we can support your product .