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  • Facilitating consistency across packaging solutions and new innovations in global markets
    Many of our innovation initiatives are linked together in a network for the benefit of our customers, providing dedicated, pan-regional solutions. This innovation network gives access to the creative power of 34 countries and thousands of experts; guaranteeing our understanding across all markets is applied to your business – wherever your location.
  • Our goal is not only to develop ‘know-how’ – it is to mobilize and contribute our wealth of expertise and make it accessible to our customers.
    Set up locally to serve and innovate for local markets, the network is connected centrally to share knowledge, innovation and best practices effectively. This allows pan-regional customers to benefit from a consistency across their packaging solution, and smaller customers from new innovations in markets from around the globe.
  • The network is connected through a number of means:
    • Tools: Our range of InnoTools, including InnoBook, Paper to Box and Pack Expert, allow instant access to shared information to help create fit-for-purpose packaging solutions.
    • Specialist forums: A range of technical and commercial networks meet regularly including bi-annual design and innovation meetings, attended by innovation champions and followed by local level meetings. This ‘top-down’ system ensures everybody is constantly updated with the latest information and developments. Specialist groups on specific areas, such as sustainability and retail, also meet at regular intervals during the year.
    • Project networks: For our larger pan-regional and multi-national customers we have dedicated customer support managers that bring together a team from around the organization to work on specific projects. Each country also has their own innovation teams, centers, programs and projects to serve their region and innovate for local market demand.