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Experience Center - Smurfit Kappa North America Packaging SolutionsExperience Center - Smurfit Kappa North America Packaging Solutions

Our worldwide Experience Centers are a way for us to share knowledge with customers and help them gain real business value from hands-on experience.

When people discuss the power of experience in packaging, it’s usually in relation to the end consumer. Whether it’s the way a product is presented on a shelf, or how a package opens when an online delivery arrives, retailers and marketers focus on impressing consumers to create a ‘moment of truth’ – driving a purchase or inspiring future brand loyalty.

Of course these are vitally important moments in the packaging lifecycle – but there are countless others occurring throughout the supply chain, such as packing, palletization and distribution to name a few. And each of these details can mean the difference between a product arriving on time and in perfect condition, or turning up late and damaged.

We created the Smurfit Kappa Experience Centers to give our customers hands-on experience of the ipamct of packaging at every step of the supply chain, right through to the shopper and consumer. We believe it’s incredibly powerful to be able to see the different stages at work in the packaging process, to problem solve in real-time and be inspired by what others have done before you.

Arco Berkenbosch, VP of Innovation and Development at Smurfit Kappa comments “These centers give us the chance to share our global expertise directly with customers at a local level. We’ve seen that our customers relish the opportunity to work together with us in a refreshingly different space that’s very hands-on. Whether they come to evaluate their existing packaging or they’re trying to find new ways to innovate and become even more successful, they always leave inspired.”

There are 13 Smurfit Kappa packaging Experience Centers around the world. Customers come to explore how packaging can meet their business needs, learn from leading behavioral insights, analyses supply chain trends and observe our advanced packaging and design tools.

Six ways you can benefit from a visit

Experience Center - Smurfit Kappa North America Packaging SolutionsExperience Center - Smurfit Kappa North America Packaging SolutionsExperience Center - Smurfit Kappa North America Packaging Solutions
  1. Keep an eye on actual product performance
    Each Experience Centre is complete with our Shelf Viewer tool, an interactive touchscreen database of nearly 70,000 images from a variety of real retail shelves around the globe. Look at shelf configurations and layouts to see how you can improve the category performance of your product, as well as evaluating the visibility and brand recognition of competitor products against your own.
  2. Get exclusive access to our market-leading insights
    We’ve been collecting in-depth data on all areas of packaging within our business for many years, and when you visit one of our Experience Centers, you can gain exclusive access to insights on whatever topics interest you via our BrainBox stations. Use the interactive touchscreen units to explore and analyses trends, view case studies and browse information on everything from supply chain logistics to store display designs.
  3. See your packaging prototype in market
    The average in-store experience lasts around 20 minutes in total. Shoppers make an average of 15 purchases per store visit, choosing each product they buy in just 12 seconds. So getting your pack design right is absolutely vital.
    But it’s costly to develop and print alternative packaging designs, and to evaluate their in-store standout. Our store visualizer allows you to view your packaging prototypes in a fully simulated store environment, so you can assess their on-shelf impact before you commit any print budget.
  4. Work with us to discover new ways to improve your packaging
    Take some time to conduct an evaluation of your own packaging in our Inspiration and Brainstorm Rooms, and we can help you discover how subtle changes to things like packaging design, material composition or palletization could deliver significant business impact. If you’re feeling inspired by particular case studies or examples, we can help you create a ‘moodboard’ of solutions you’d like to investigate further.
  5. Learn from our successes – and our mistakes
    At our ISTA certified lab we rigorously test paper, board and pack performance throughout the supply chain. Our expert’s stress-test packaging in all different transport simulations and climates, and these leading logistics insights are brought alive for you and will inform the design and optimization of your own packaging.
  6. Be inspired by our exhibition
    Try seeing things from a different perspective by browsing our exhibition of packaging, with examples from a whole range of sectors all over the world – along with the results they’ve delivered. From browsing our Red Dot award-winning designs to learning about market-leading sustainability innovations like our Rofire fuel pellets, see if our exhibits can help spark the inspiration for new ideas that can help build your business.

Pay us a visit

If you’re already one of our customers and you’re interested in taking a tour around one of our Experience Centers, please get in touch with your usual contact. If you’re new to us, please click on the ‘contact us’ button below and fill in your details to arrange a visit.