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Reducing the amount of non-functional material provides cost-effective, sustainable packaging

For us, innovation is a multi-dimensional process. In the search for innovation, our scrutiny of every function of our packing is unstoppable. Our networks of creative designers give packaging elegance that sells, but we also place a high reliance on technical excellence and the need to optimize the protection given by the packaging structurally.

Traditionally in the packaging industry, primary and secondary packs work as separate entities. With the rapid growth of shelf ready packaging, marketers and brand managers have moved to align primary and secondary packs for aesthetic purposes, and to increase brand presence on shelf.

“For Danone we have been able to downsize their secondary packaging and reduce the total material used for the packaging solution. We currently test around 50 primary packs a year to develop this further for a wider roll out among across our organization.” – Smurfit Kappa Project Manager

Our Experience Center looks at the relationship between the primary and secondary packs structurally and how they can be harmonized to work together, creating raw material savings for customers. Reducing the amount of non-functional material develops cost-effective, sustainable packaging concepts for our customers.