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Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

Efficient Packaging Processes and Design

MoneySaver methodologies interpret the current pain points in the supply chain in order to improve efficiencies

Building long-term partnerships

We are more than just a packaging supplier. We believe in building long-term partnerships and supporting our customers in developing complete, optimized packaging solutions. The total ownership cost of your packaging can often go unnoticed; direct costs are easily accounted for, however indirect costs from inefficiencies in the supply chain and production lines are frequently overlooked.

MoneySaver program

Smurfit Kappa in North America offers a ‘MoneySaver’ approach to its customers; a clever, value added project-based initiative, designed to optimize customers’ packaging solutions, improve process efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and save money.

Jeroen Dankbaar, Experience Center Manager, explains; “The aim is to create a win-win situation with our customers and to form the foundation of a partnership. Our projects involve all stakeholders in the packaging and the people involved in the day to day operations, not just the purchasing staff.”

Finding opportunities to optimize

The MoneySaver approach is a customizable, scalable solution tailored to meet the specific demands of any business. The process begins with our MoneySaver methodologies – ‘Quickscan’ and ‘Potential Value Analysis’ – to interpret the current pain points in the supply chain. “Each customer has different routes to reach their packaging potential”, adds Dankbaar, “the quick scan produces a pool of ideas, and we then pick the most influential projects to focus on”.

MoneySaver Results

Now in its tenth year of operation, the MoneySaver program has saved millions of Euro’s for customers in range of industry sectors.