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Gaining accurate and current insight into the requirements of the customer and their market

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector is by far the largest market of our customer base in the UK and retailers dominate this type of business. Their needs have long been hidden behind our customers and only relayed to us through a series of complex communications.

So that we could design and develop better market-leading solutions we set about identifying the ‘hidden consumer’ of our product to find out exactly what was needed. In 2005, our first ‘Retailer Insight Programme’ was acknowledged by the Institute of Grocery and Distribution’s (IGD) ‘Consumer Insight Award’ ahead of the leading marketing agencies.

This success helped us demonstrate to our customers how our unique insights into their market place could help them develop solutions that lead to increased sales.

We now have staff embedded in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Aldi UK, and project leaders working with nearly all the other UK retailers. Phil Husband, Smurfit Kappa UK Retail Manager explains, “We only have one goal, to support our customers. Whilst we realize that understanding the retail world is vital in supporting our customer’s brands, it is the only occasion, we deal directly with the retailer.”

Our goal is to understand our customer’s world better than anyone else!

So how does this benefit our customers?

  • This unique opportunity to cement current relationships with existing customers hinges on having an accurate and current insight into the requirements of ‘their customer’ and ‘their market’.
  • Through ‘inside’ knowledge, we have the insight to easily meet new packaging guidelines.
  • In many cases, we write the guidelines and, by definition, are first to see them.
  • In some instances, we can deal directly with the retailers for our customers, reducing the time to complete new projects.