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InnoTools - Support Tools at Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions


We focus on how we can get it right, first time, every time for our customers

Our methodologies are constantly evolving to become smarter, ensuring our innovation is based on facts rather than intuition. Through the latest laboratory testing facilities, we measure how a pack will perform in a range of different environmental conditions through the supply chain before it’s delivered.

We employ a range of tools uniquely exclusive to Smurfit Kappa to support us with this – collectively they are called InnoTools. The InnoTools allow us to improve the consistency of our decisions; eliminating the replication of effort and ensuring we identify and evaluate all possible solutions.

As a world leader in paper-based packaging, our size and scale gives us a unique understanding of global supply chains and allows us to benchmark over 15 million packs each year – more than anyone else on our market place.

We have three InnoTools to support our customers:

Paper to Box: This software tool acts as the authority to determine the most favorable material composition for any given packaging application. It is designed to reduce the risk of over or under packaging your products and reduces your packaging spend. Its data is derived from the latest scientific insights and physical models in the packaging industry and each year benchmarks over 15 million packs. The tool also allows the benchmarking of board materials against any relevant preferences, including CO2 impact, to ensure you have the right material for your requirement.

Pack Expert: This software tool automates the complex calculations necessary to determine packaging performance characteristics in the supply chain. This unique data is then used to create logistical efficiencies, generating savings as well as reducing the environmental impact of your supply chain.

InnoBook - Support Tools at Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

InnoBook: Is our complete library of packaging solutions, allowing all of our 650 designers worldwide to benefit from each other’s approach to finding solutions to your packaging requirements. InnoBook has a collection of (number of designs) creative packaging designs ready to be customized to meet your specifications, gathered from around the world and updated on a daily basis. Its database is split into market segments and covers our complete packaging portfolio.