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Sustainable Packaging to Protect and Promote

Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

Other Industrial Goods Packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions to promote and protect your products. All our packaging is designed to ensure your products arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Whether packaging small or large, light or heavy products, we use proven scientific methods to provide fit-for-purpose, cost efficient and sustainable packaging solutions. Our range of corrugated and solid board packaging products is designed to provide optimal levels of strength and protection to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain.

  • Air Cushion Packaging
  • Cases
  • Corrosion Protection Packaging
  • Corrugated End Caps
  • Corrugated Pallets
  • Corrugated Rolls
  • Dangerous Goods Packaging
  • Divisions (Corrugated and Solid Board)
  • Edge Protectors
  • Fanfold
  • Heat Shrink Packaging
  • Heavy-duty corrugated packaging
  • Hexacomb packaging
  • Nertop Monoply
  • Open Mouth Sacks
  • Pallet Packs
  • Palletainer
  • Palletisers
  • Paper Bags – Industrial
  • Robotics
  • Safety Box for Syringes
  • Scuff Resistant Packaging
  • Single Face Corrugated
  • Slip Sheets
  • Standard Mailing Boxes
  • Tamper Proof Packaging
  • Timboard building
  • Valve Sacks
  • Wraparounds
  • XXL Packaging – Big Boxes