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Hand Erect Corrugated Produce Packaging

We manufacture a wide range of hand erect trays and boxes specifically for fruit and vegetables. Hand erect trays are ideal where no erecting machines are available, such as field packing. Made from either corrugated or solid board, we provide trays with common footprints or customized to your exact requirements. All packs are designed to meet the physical requirements of the supply chain to ensure your fruit and vegetables arrive in optimal condition.

Hand erect trays and boxes are supplied flat to maximize storage space and minimize transport costs. High quality printed trays allow you to use color and graphics to attract consumer attention in the retail environment, leading to increased sales.


  • Standard footprint sizes available
  • Custom options to meet your exact size and performance requirements
  • Available in a wide range of corrugated cardboard or solid board grades
  • 100% recyclable
  • High quality print available for optimum presentation
  • Water resistant boards and other barrier coatings available


  • Easy to use – no machines required to erect.
  • Increased sales due to eye-catching presentation
  • Reduction in transit damage due to strength and stability
  • Reduction in storage space and logistic costs – products delivered flat
  • Speed to market – manufactured and supplied on demand
  • Environmentally friendly – all products made from a renewable resource


  • Fruit and vegetables