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Octabins - bulk storage containers

Octabins are a heavy-duty packaging solution for the transportation and storage of bulk cargo such as granular, powder, and other loose fill products. Made from heavy duty corrugated board, the octagonal-shaped pack consists of a base, sleeve, and lid, which can be manually erected. Octabins provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to wooden and metal crates.

The heavy-duty but lightweight material decreases the weight of the load, reducing shipping costs and carbon emissions. All octabins are designed to withstand the entire supply chain and are stackable. Optional features such as discharge points are available, and for extreme loads an inner sleeve can be added to provide the highest bulk resistance. To maximize storage space and minimize transport costs all octabins are delivered flat. After use, octabins can be easily disposed of and are 100% recyclable.


  • Supplied in a range of heavy-duty boards
  • Available in standard sizes or made custom
  • Discharge points can be added on request
  • Can hold up to 2200 lbs. of product
  • Product shipped flat pack
  • Suitable for all standard pallet formats


  • Cost savings compared with traditional bulk containers
  • Easy to assemble by hand – increasing productivity on the packing line
  • Flat packed, increasing customer’s warehouse utilization
  • Bulk resistant – product won’t split in the supply chain
  • Ability to stack – optimizing logistics and storage space
  • Environmentally friendly – made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable


  • Other foods
  • Tobacco
  • Other consumer goods
  • Chemicals