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Safety Box for Syringes - safely dispose of used syringes

Safety box is an innovative packaging solution created for depositing used vaccination syringes and needles to safeguard against infection and prevent reuse. Branded as the TimSafe safety box, it is designed to meet and achieve the performance, safety, and quality requirements of the World Health Organization standards.

Made from solid board, the puncture resistant material ensures that the syringes and needles inside cannot penetrate through the box. Safety has been increased further through a lockable lid that prevents access once the pack is in use. For increased usability, the safety box is printed with instructions and hazard warnings. Safety boxes for syringes are delivered flat in packs of 25 and can be erected quickly and easily by hand.


  • Available in five and ten liter sizes
  • Made from solid board
  • Puncture and moisture resistant, keeping infected material inside
  • Flap on top of box for opening and closure
  • Lockable flap ensures a safe closure
  • Clear instructions printed on pack in English, Spanish, French, and Russian


  • Eliminates the risk of infection from used syringes and needles
  • Prevents syringes being reused
  • Safe to incinerate once safety box has been filled
  • Tamper proof – lock design prevents box opening once in use
  • Meets WHO standards (Pq/p10/sb01.1 edition September 2007)
  • Easy to understand – due to multi lingual handling information


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