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Heat Shrink Packaging - protective transit packaging

Heat shrink packaging is a dual-material solution comprised of a corrugated box and a plastic film that is heat shrink wrapped over products. This packaging combines the supply chain performance of corrugated with the stability of shrink wrapping to hold the contents securely in place. This creates a highly effective transit pack with high levels of protection to ensure products arrive in perfect condition.

Heat shrink packaging is delivered with the Polyethylene (PE) film pre-glued to the corrugated, and is erected and filled as normal. The film attached to the top of the pack is then laid over contents, ready to pass through the climate chamber in the Groupac® system supplied by Smurfit Kappa. The contents are then shrink-wrapped and the pack is sealed ready for distribution. Ideally suited to distributors or manufacturers who sell their product online, the same size heat shrink packaging can be used by different products, providing outstanding flexibility.


  • Customized to your exact size and style requirements
  • Available in a range of corrugated cardboard grades
  • Outer box is 100% recyclable
  • Includes a Polyethylene (PE) film
  • Can be high quality printed
  • Heat shrink and sealing machine can also be supplied


  • Eliminates any product damage in transit
  • Flexibility to pack different products in the same pack
  • Eliminates the need for additional fitments or loose fill
  • Minimizes shipping costs and carbon emissions due to light weight
  • Environmentally friendly – corrugated is made from a renewable resource
  • Easy to recycle – Simply remove film and place corrugated in recycling


  • Beverages
  • Other foods
  • Health and beauty
  • Electronics
  • Other consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • Other industrial goods