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Eliminate Product Damage with Our Protective Packaging

Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

Bubble bags - extra product protection

Bubble bags are a lightweight packaging solution that uses air pockets to create a protective cushion around your product. Made from plastic and filled with air, our bubble bags offer the highest level of protection to create a highly effective transit pack. The air cushions serve to absorb any impact and prevent damage, which ensures products arrive in perfect condition. Bubble bags are quick and easy to use, and can save valuable packing time over cutting and taping loose bubble wrap sheets. They are also a cost effective alternative to corrugated or polystyrene fitments.

We also offer anti-static bubble bags which are ideally suited to the shipping of electronic products, especially electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDs). Easily identified by their pink color, these bubble bags have anti-static properties which prevent any electrostatic charges that could damage circuit boards or switches. As bubble bags are lightweight, they also help to minimize shipping costs and carbon emissions.


  • Made from low density polyethylene
  • Custom to your exact size and performance requirements
  • Self-seal close
  • Moisture resistant
  • Anti-static bags available
  • Bio-gradable bags available by request


  • Reduction in product damage
  • Improves customer satisfaction levels due to safe delivery of contents
  • Less labor intensive to pack than bubble wrap sheets – saving both time and money
  • Less labor intensive to unpack – pleasing end consumer
  • Minimizes shipping costs and carbon emissions due to lower weight


  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Other consumer goods
  • Other industrial goods