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Eliminate Product Damage with Our Protective Packaging

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Corrosion Protective Packaging - protection from harmful contents

Corrosion protective packaging contains a special barrier coating designed to protect primary products susceptible to all forms of corrosion. It ensures a product reaches its destination in exactly the same condition as when it was packed, and eliminates rusting or oxidation of products during transport. Corrosion protective packaging gains its properties from a coating of VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor).

Applied as an ordinary print process, VCI is non-visible and odor-free. The coating works by emitting an invisible vapor, which settles on the goods and prevents moisture from condensing on the goods. Corrosion protective packaging is produced in a size and style custom to your requirements.


  • Customized to your exact size and shape requirements
  • Made from corrugated board with a special barrier coating
  • No restrictions regarding design of packaging
  • VCI vapor is harmless
  • No need for extra packaging material
  • 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource


  • Cost-efficient from reduction in product damage during transit
  • Environmentally friendly and eliminates need for extra packaging material
  • Process starts directly – fully functional after 24 hours
  • Ease of use – goods can be unpacked right away, no cleaning required
  • Guaranteed to be functional up to six months from date of manufacture


  • Automotive
  • Other industrial goods