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Fanfolds - highly versatile product protection

Fanfold is a continuous sheet of corrugated board that has been scored and folded like a fan. It is an ideal solution for customers who have many different sized products and are using a large number of different packaging specifications. Fanfold provides a cost-effective solution by helping you use less material in your packaging and reducing inventory, as fewer sizes need to be held in stock. It offers maximum flexibility as it can be used for packing different products in varying sizes and quantities.

For manual packaging processes, the board can easily be scored along its length, making it easy to fold to your required size. Special fanfold cutting machines are also available that allow you to create custom, made-to-measure packs on your own premises. Made from corrugated board, fanfold is available in a number of different flutings and various widths. It can be supplied in two-color flexographic print or pre-printed.


  • Available in different widths – 12″ to 95″
  • Tear tape or adhesive tape can be added upon request
  • Different die-cut patterns and perforations available
  • Barrier or Softcor® coatings available
  • High quality print available
  • 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource


  • Reduction in transit damage
  • Lower inventory – replaces many individual packaging formats
  • Less administration – simplified warehousing, stock management and ordering
  • Reduced material consumption – eliminating the need for extra filling materials
  • Decreased transport costs due to optimized capacity utilization of vehicles


  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Other consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • Other industrial goods