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Coated Board

We offer premier off-line coated products, serving the paper based packaging business and are a market leader in developing commercial wax replacement applications in the US.

Product Development

  • Develop the needs set for the application
  • Key performance characteristics
  • Testing protocols
  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Package life analysis

Basic Product Groups


  • Custom colors
  • ESD protective coatings
  • Displays
  • PMS/GCMI matching


  • Refrigerated or frozen goods, live plants, mild outdoor transit or storage
  • Provide a specific attribute to the substrate
    • Grease resistance or OGR
    • Water resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
  • These are the staple products in box plants
  • Generally single application


  • Bakery, meat and poultry
  • Wax replacement series
  • Silicone release
  • STK

Texguard™ Series

  • Supply all major beef and pork processors in the Midwest
    • Release of frozen meat
    • MVTR protection
    • Leak-proof
    • FDA certified
    • Recyclable and repulpable
  • US leader for wax replacement in protein segment

STK Tier Sheets

  • Tier stabilizer
  • Achieves 30-35 degree slide angle
  • Improved presentation of palletized products
  • Ideal for mass merchandise applications

Equipment profile

  • 100” Web, 254cm
  • 2 in-line coaters
    • 14-90#/MSF Liner or 73-500 gsm
    • 45# Ream and up
    • Up to .030 chip
  • Turret Unwind-Rewind
    • Roll to Roll, Flying Splice
    • Continuous run capability
    • Max speed 2000 fpm (609m/m)
    • Consistency over long runs
  • Combi-Coaters
    • Rod, Blade and Bend Blade capabilities
    • Consistent CD/MD coating application
    • Fully integrated PCS