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Packaging Fulfilment - single source supply and management

We provide a full range of packaging fulfillment solutions to give you a single source of packaging supply and management.

Effectively becoming the central hub for your packaging supply, we can coordinate the purchase, the assembly and delivery of a wide range of packaging materials including corrugated, foam, timber and other components.

As we manage the vendors and you have a single point of contact, you require less resource for procurement and administration as well as streamlined logistics and handling due to fewer deliveries.

In addition further cost savings are achieved as we can provide just-in-time deliveries from stock, increasing your warehouse utilization. We also hold buffer stocks to ensure there is never a ‘stock out’ situation.

The all equates to less working capital being tied up in your packaging procurement.

Components can be delivered assembled, ready for production helping speed up your productivity on your packaging lines.

Benefits of Packaging Fulfillment

  • One point of contact – single source for your complete packaging range
  • Reduction in work capital tied up in packaging procurement
  • Reduction in administration costs
  • Increase warehouse utilization through just in time delivery
  • Reduction in inbound deliveries, reducing logistics and handling costs
  • Packaging supplied assembled reduces cost and time on packing lines