Smurfit Kappa

Sustainability is in
every fiber of what we do

Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Paper-Based Packaging Products

All our paper-based products are made from a renewable resource and are 100% recyclable. We design, manufacture and supply paper-based packaging, which is used for distribution, transportation and retail display purposes. Our customers demand packaging that is sustainable, innovative, fit for purposes, as well as cost effective.

We give customers a credible guarantee that the packaging supplied is produced in the most sustainable way, using materials form sustainable sources and utilizing the collective design skills of our global team of designers. We also focus on how our packaging can minimize the total sustainability impact per unit of customer product delivered to the consumer. The packaging related positive indirect impact (less damage/destruction of the packed product, optimized logistics, less waste, disposal, etc.) is much more significant for the sustainability of a customer’s supply chain. As many of our products are used as transport packaging, we ensure that our products are safe and easy to use for those handling and using them.