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Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Sustainable Social Programs - Health and Safety - Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

We embrace our diverse workforce, and we are committed to fair practices and equal treatment of all our employees and external parties, including business partners and local communities. For us, open communication with our employees and their representatives is important.

Topics include:

  • Health and safety
  • Working conditions
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Business performance and outlook

We regularly update our employees on the overall performance of the organization and any other relevant social issues. Development of our employees is a key objective. We encourage our employees to reach their potential by continuous training. We support several learning and development program and promote opportunities for individual progression and learning activities.

Internal awards take place every year to recognize, reward and encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and superior performance. Awards include areas in operations, innovation, safety and sustainability. The awards are visible to all employees and help to create an inspirational climate.

Code of Conduct

Sustainable Social Programs - Health and Safety - Smurfit Kappa Packaging Solutions

Our Code of Business conduct clearly states our position in relation to legal compliance, ethical standards and our commitment to our people. Our key objective is to ensure that we operate our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Each of our companies and their employees apply the code. We make clear that personal and professional integrity is the responsibility of each employee. In addition to the code of business conduct, employees can report (potential) wrongdoing by following the Good Faith Reporting Policy Statement ‘Whistleblower Code’.

We have also created specific policy statements in key areas of sustainability to improve our performance. These policy statements cover Environment, Sustainable Forestry, and Sustainable Sourcing, Social Citizenship and Health and Safety issues.

For more information, visit our corporate site.

Health and Safety

We are conscious of our responsibilities towards our employees and all our other contacts. We continuously promote a safe and healthy working environment. All performance reviews at all levels have safety as a priority on the agenda. Annual management performance reviews include measurement of progress in safety performance against pre-agreed targets.

While future target improvements vary between divisions and regions, our commitment is to continue to improve on the previous year’s performance by means of an ongoing annual re-check. Health and safety are an integral part of our business, and we promote adherence to the highest standards in all our operations. We have written documentation covering emergency situations, which has been issued to every site and made available to every employee via multiple communication channels. All new employees receive conduct briefings and follow training sessions.

The majority of our sites have a medical doctor or nurse in attendance that assists us with communication about lifestyle matters, such as diet, smoking, exercise and other health-related issues. Their professional advice also extends to the families and local communities and covers possible health issues, both occupational and non-occupational such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and stress. In addition, every site is required to have an appropriate number of trained, qualified, fully equipped First Aid personnel. Our in-house health and safety coordinators perform cross audits in health and safety procedures to monitor our health and safety program.

Safety Committee

Each site is obligated to have periodic Safety Committee meetings, which must include representatives from all levels of the organization.

Annual safety awards

We present annual awards for safety achievements to the ‘safest plant’ and the ‘most improved plant’ in each reporting division and region.

Employee training and development

Our training and development initiatives give our employees the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be successful in their professional and personal career.

We promote and support development and learning activities, all of which aim to result in:

  • Improved performance
  • Higher commitment
  • Improved team motivation
  • A learning organization

The diverse range of learning and development initiatives includes, for example:

  • Advanced Management Development Program (AMD) – Helps to develop our managers, providing them with the tools they need to progress within the company.
  • Business Economics Training – Shows the impact individual decisions and actions can have on the financial performance of our organization. This has been successfully implemented across the globe and participated by more than 2,000 of our employees.

    In Latin America, for more than a decade, employees have implemented the philosophy of Management for Continuous Improvement (MCI) in order to deliver value to our clients – deliver what they need, when they need it and in the quantity needed.
  • Sustainable practices – Every single entity of our business plays an important role in equipping our employees with skills and knowledge to work towards our sustainability objectives.

Community Involvement

We have approximately 370 manufacturing facilities in 34 countries where we actively encourage and promote both community interest and involvement. This element of our social responsibility is mainly delegated to local plant level where managers and staff are best positioned to make a positive contribution in supporting the community.

We are involved in community activities in many different ways. We maintain an active dialogue with the communities that live in close proximity to our facilities. In particular, we respond promptly at a senior level to any complaints or issues of concern to the communities around us and take appropriate remedial action where necessary and possible. In some cases, our local manager will personally visit the homes of residents in order to resolve any issues that arise.